The Story So Far: Books 1-10 of SVH

21 Mar

So much has happened in only ten books that I thought it might be reasonable to do a quick, by-the-numbers recap of what the twins have experienced so far.  It’s been quite the year for our girls Jessica and Elizabeth.  Let’s take a look:

Total Time Elapsed: About 44 weeks.

Major School Events:

  • Bi Beta Alpha held several induction ceremonies (1, 4)
  • Liz was revealed as the author of the “Eyes and Ears” column (1)
  • Sweet Valley Elected their Fall King and Queen in the form of Jessica Wakefield and Winston Egbert (2)
  • Jessica and Bruce Patman won a school-sponsored dance contest (3)
  • Sweet Valley’s football team won their Homecoming game and elected Robin Wilson Miss Sweet Valley High (4)
  • Jessica and Bill Chase starred in the SVH production of Splendor in the Grass (8)
  • Sweet Valley won the Bart Race for the first time in years, thanks to Roger Barrett (9)
  • The SVH cheerleaders held tryouts and Cara Walker, Annie Whitman, and Sandra Bacon joined the squad (10)

Major Wakefield Family Events

  • The twins suspect Mr. Wakefield is having an affair and are totally wrong (1)
  • Steven starts dating Tricia Martin (1)
  • Liz starts dating Todd Wilkins (1)
  • Elizabeth is in a terrible motorcycle accident and ends up in a coma (6)
  • Elizabeth wakes up from her coma and has a complete personality change, for a while (7)
  • Family friends and identical twins Jean and Joan come to stay with the Wakefields for a while (7)
  • Jessica stars in a school play (8)
  • Jessica gets a job at her dad’s law firm and quits a few weeks later (9)

By the Numbers:

  • # of guys Jessica dates: 12
  • # of guys Elizabeth dates: 4
  • # of life-threatening situations: 4 (Andover car chase, The Motorcycle of Death, DeeDee’s almost-drowning, Annie Whitman’s almost-suicide)
  • # of people Todd punches: 2
  • # of mysterious medical conditions: 2
  • # of dances: 6
  • # of parties: 9

All in all, a very busy junior year.  Stay tuned for the next 10 books and see what happens to those beautiful girls!


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