The Story So Far: Books 11-20 of SVH

23 Apr

Another 10 books down, another slew of drama and intrigue.  Let’s take a look at what’s happened in books 11-20, shall we?

Total Time Elapsed: 24 weeks (which brings the total up to 68 weeks)

Major School Events:

  • 2-week long spring break (11)
  • SVH wins Basketball Championship against Big Mesa (14)
  • There is a school dance (16)
  • Tina Ayala joins the Oracle staff as a photographer (19)

Major Wakefield Family Events:

  • Suzanne Devlin comes to visit the family for two weeks, wreaks havoc (11)
  • In New York, Jessica is almost for-real raped by Pete McCafferty (11)
  • Jessica and Elizabeth volunteer at Fowler Memorial Hospital (12)
  • Elizabeth is kidnapped by Carl the Crazy Orderly (13)
  • The twins throw a party to celebrate Elizabeth’s safe return (13-14)
  • Elizabeth goes out with Nicholas Morrow and nearly loses Todd in the process (14)
  • Jessica changes her math grade and gets caught (14)
  • Elizabeth writes a play about Elizabeth Barrett Browning and wins a contest for it (17)
  • Jessica dates Jack Howard, gets held at knife point by him (19)
  • Elizabeth nearly loses her best friend Enid in a plane crash (20)

By the Numbers:

  • # of guys Jessica dates: 7
  • # of guys Elizabeth dates: 2
  • # of life-threatening situations: 3 (Elizabeth’s kidnapping, Jessica’s knife-point nightmare, Enid’s plane crash)
  • # of mysterious medical conditions: 2
  • # of deaths 2
  • # of dances: 3
  • # of parties: 8

In a lot of ways, these books were more focused on personal dramas.  Not a lot happens at school, but with kidnappings, plane crashes, and psychopathic boyfriends who hide drugs in their bathrooms, who can blame the twins from being preoccupied enough to not focus on school?


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