SVH #26: Hostage!

2 Jun

Estimated Elapsed Time: 1 week


Liz is worried about the news she got from some random classmate about Regina Morrow being in town and not telling anyone, so she drives over to the Morrow mansion and rings the doorbell.  A strange woman answers the door and tells Liz that Regina’s not home, but Liz can see Regina standing in the foyer.  After Liz is essentially booted from the house, she drives home, thinking about how she can’t tell her parents (what if they won’t let her go back to the house?) but she can call the police.  They prove to be no help, though, telling her that they checked it out and the woman is an aunt and basically tell Liz to mind her own business and stop wasting the tax dollars of the citizens of Sweet Valley.

Liz remains convinced that something is wrong and confides in Jessica, who creates a scheme in which Bruce Patman poses as a grocery delivery boy.  They figure they can put something in the groceries for Regina and hide a note in it.  They put the plan in motion and sneak a letter into via a magazine.  She gets the magazine and writes back to them, dropping the letter in a compact mirror out her window.  The three of them retrieve it and find out that: a.) she’s being held hostage, b.) her parents are being held somewhere else, c.) they want a microchip her father developed, and d.) she heard the woman say something about “Money is heaven.”

Bruce calls in Nicholas Morrow, who’s been visiting a friend in San Francisco, and the teens all try to figure out what “Money is heaven” means.  Nicholas recognizes one of the kidnappers as Phil Denson, a disgruntled former employee of his father’s.  They find an address for him and drive out to the house.  Jessica flirts with a teenager mowing the lawn and sneaks a peak inside the house to discover Mr. and Mrs. Morrow tied up on the living room floor.

It takes a long time, but the teens finally figure out that “Money is heaven” means “Monday at seven.”  Regina’s hearing isn’t at 100% yet, and I guess she misunderstood what was said.  The twins deduce that the scheme to steal the microchip is taking place on Monday at seven.  They plan to be in both places at that time and put into motion Operation Save The Morrows.

What they don’t plan on is Phil, who is on his way home at the same time that Bruce is untying the Morrows.  He pulls a gun on Jessica, who is flirting with the teenager, and the teenager freaks out and grabs the gun.  Bruce ushers everyone out of the house and into the waiting car.  They rescue the other half of the operation, also at gunpoint, and the police arrest the entire Denson family.  The Morrows are saved!  In celebration, they plan a party.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Apparently her father’s plant had just designed a microchip that would revolutionize the computer industry.  Mr. Morrow had spent the better part of the past five years perfecting this chip and had just manufactured a single prototype.  It had been the crowning achievement of his work in the computer industry and had taken thousands of research hours and endless expense.” (39)

Trivia/Fun Facts:

  • I hated this book.  I’ve got nothing for you.

(Totally Unqualified) Critical Analysis

This plot lends itself to so much ridicule that it isn’t even worth really getting into.  The one major issue I have with a plot that’s so hare-brained is the fact that Liz doesn’t want to tell her parents what’s happening but will call the police.  This makes no sense.  It makes me angry.

I have to go away now.


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