Sweet Valley Confidential

16 Jul

The Sweet Valley blogosphere has been all atwitter about the website for Sweet Valley Confidential going live.  At the link, you can sign up to read the first chapter of the book (which doesn’t come out until March 2011).  It’s pretty awesome, and needless to say, I’ve already signed up and read it.  You can also become a fan on facebook and follow SVConfidential on twitter.

What is interesting is the responses that the first chapter is getting.  I have a few thoughts, and, Gentle Readers, be warned:


The response has been mixed.  1Bruce1 was all over it yesterday, with reactions mixed from severe disappointment to piqued curiosity.  It seems Sweet Valley Bloggers the world over have been posting about it, and I’m certainly no different.

Much has been made about Liz having cried after every orgasm she had with some rebound guy after she broke it off with Todd.  This has sent a lot of people up in a fury of “TMI!!!!!”  But I think it’s a (somewhat misguided) attempt at creating intimacy with the character while also showcasing how much Elizabeth has grown up in 10 years.  Is it jarring?  Absolutely, yes, especially because the original novels were so coquettish about sex.

My biggest disappointment with the preview was that we got only a glimpse into Elizabeth’s life (some SVH fans have worried it will be a continuation of the Elizabeth series), and nothing about Jessica.  I know that the novel proper will allow us to check in with all the characters that populated the original series, but it’s hard to wait until next March, you know what I mean?
Have you signed up and read it?  What do you think?


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