Sweet Valley Recap: Books 31-40, + Super Editions 5 & 6

12 Oct

Books 31-40 offered us readers a great deal of drama.  Let’s review what happened:

Time Elapsed: About  26 weeks (136 weeks total)

Major School Events:

  • Sweet Valley High holds a food drive, auction, and dance
  • Jeffrey French moves to town
  • Sweet Valley throws a winter carnival
  • Sally Larson moves to town
  • Maria Santelli and Michael Harris get engaged, break up
  • SVH wins huge soccer game against Big Mesa
  • Winston Egbert wins position of Student Council Representative for the PTA
  • The PTA throws a dance
  • Johanna Porter comes back to SVH
  • The Oracle starts running personal ads
  • SVH has a 40s Fling dance
  • Regina Morrow DIES

Major Wakefield Family Events:

  • Cousin Jenny comes to visit
  • Elizabeth and Jeffrey start dating
  • Jessica dyes her hair black and starts talking with an accent
  • Both girls are in a fashion show
  • The family gets a puppy in the form of Prince Albert
  • Jessica sells Tofu-Glo products, hilarity ensues
  • Elizabeth almost goes to boarding school in Switzerland
  • Jessica dates a fat guy and is mortified

By the Numbers:

  • # of guys Jessica dates: 6
  • # of guys Elizabeth dates: 1
  • # of life-threatening situations: 3?  It’s hard to quantify when one of them is an extended dream sequence.
  • # of dances: 4
  • # of parties: 8
  • # of deaths: 1

During the course of these books, the twins also had a spring break and a winter break-thing, wherein there was that terrible carnival.  I personally cannot wait to see what happens next!


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