10 Book Recap: 81-90, + Super Thriller: Murder on the Line and Saga: The Wakefield Legacy

16 May

Another ten-ish books down, Gentle Readers.

This section of books saw: a costume ball, an attempted rape, racial issues, PBA pranks, the rise and fall of Club X, an international visit of teachers, summer vacation stories (two of them), teens in peril, Liz and Todd breakups, the rise of Sam Woodruff, and much more.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Estimated Time Elapsed: Something like 40weeks

Major School Events:

  • Love in Bloom Dance
  • Dirt Bike Rally
  • Beauty Pageant
  • Huge track meet
  • Charity Ice Cream Event for Cheeleaders
  • SVH talk show interview
  • Photography club

Major Wakefield Family Events:

  • Elizabeth and Jessica get a new car – a Jeep!
  • Elizabeth joins the photography club at school
  • Jessica is briefly kidnapped by a criminal
  • Jessica wins talk show guest spot
  • Jessica wins Miss Teen Sweet Valley
  • Jessica and Elizabeth start a letter-writing business
  • Jessica starts dating Sam
  • Liz briefly acts as Editor for The Oracle

By the Numbers:

  • # of guys Jessica dates: 2-3, depending on timeline stuff
  • # of guys Elizabeth dates: 2
  • # of life-threatening situations: 6, at least
  • # of dances: at least 3
  • # of parties: at least 8
  • # of deaths: Tons, but virtually all happen in the past
  • Major Holidays: None?

I can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy shenanigans the twins and their friends get up to next!


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