Books 101-125

101. The Boyfriend War (1 week)

  • Jessica and Lila spend spring break in the Caribbean
  • They work as camp counselors and fight over a dude
  • Elizabeth and Bruce angst about their parents’ maybe-affair

102. Almost Married (1 week)

  • Alice and Ned go out of town
  • Todd moves in with Liz and Jess
  • Liz and Bruce investigate their parents’ past
  • Liz and Bruce make out
  • The twins throw a pool party

103. Operation Love Match (1 week)

  • Bruce, Liz, and Jess work to match up Bruce’s parents
  • Jessica is clumsy
  • Hank and Marie reconcile

104. Love and Death in London (1 week)

  • Jessica and Elizabeth spend their summer in London as newspaper interns
  • Jessica meets Robert Pembroke Jr, falls in love
  • Elizabeth meets up with Rene but falls for Luke Shepherd
  • The girls investigate a rash of murders

105. A Date with a Werewolf (1 week)

  • The murders intensify in London
  • All signs lead to Robert Pembroke as the werewolf, so he runs off
  • Jessica and Liz fight about Robert
  • Liz and Luke continue to date

106. Beware the Wolfman (Super Thriller) (2 weeks)

  • Jessica and Elizabeth finally solve the case
  • The werewolf is Luke in a mask
  • Luke gets shot and dies

107. Jessica’s Secret Love (2 weeks)

  • Jessica meets a stranger on the beach and it’s love at first sight
  • Sue Gibbons comes to stay with Wakefields
  • Ned and Alice throw Sue and Jeremy engagement party
  • Lila starts dating Robby Goodman
  • Jessica and Jeremy make out

108. Left at the Altar! (2 weeks)

  • Jessica and Jeremy make out
  • Jeremy and Sue don’t get married

Elizabeth’s Secret Diary, Vol. I 

  • Recap of books 23-31

Jessica’s Secret Diary, Vol. I

  • Recap of books 32-40

109. Double Crossed (8 weeks)

  • Jeremy and Jessica get engaged, secretly
  • Sue tries to commit suicide (fake)
  • Jeremy goes to “Costa Rica” for “work”
  • Halloween party
  • Sue and Jeremy are discovered making out
  • Sue disappears!

110. Death Threat (2 days)

  • Sue is kidnapped! (by Jeremy)
  • There’s a ransom! The Wakefields pay it with fake money!
  • Sue is returned!
  • Jessica and Jeremy get engaged

111. A Deadly Christmas (2 weeks)

  • Christmas vacation, again
  • Jeremy plans to run off with Sue’s real money
  • Jessica, Sue, and Liz collaborate to trap Jeremy
  • Jessica almost dies in a fire, is saved.

112. Jessica Quits the Squad (2 weeks)

  • New girl Heather Malone joins the cheerleading squad and takes over
  • Robin moves away
  • Jessica quits–you guessed it–the squad

113. The Pom-Pom Wars (3-4 weeks)

  • Jessica forms her own squad
  • SVH cheerleaders make it to regionals
  • Some sort of arbitrary contest
  • Ken and Liz make out, realize they like their actual significant others

114. V for Victory! (1 week)

  • Cheerleading camp
  • SVH squad wins arbitrary competition!

ST #8: Murder in Paradise (1 week)

  • Alice takes Liz, Jess, Lila, Enid, and Grace to a spa
  • Tatiana Mueller tries to steal Alice’s face and kill her
  • Everyone lives, yay

115. The Treasure of Death Valley (4 days)

  • Liz, Jess, Todd, Ken, Bruce, and Heather Mallone go on a wilderness adventure
  • Ken and Heather make out
  • Convicts escape from a nearby prison
  • The teens find gold!
  • The convicts steal some of it!

116. Nightmare in Death Valley (3 days)

  • Group gets lost in the desert
  • Tangle with a group of escaped convicts, nearly die
  • Find rescue!

ST #9: A Stranger in the House (1 week)

  • Summer vacation again
  • Twins are working at the Marina Cafe
  • Jess dates Scott Maderlake
  • Liz dates Ben Mason
  • Both these dudes are really convicted murderer John Marin
  • Tries to kill the twins, Ned

ST #10: A Killer on Board (1-2 weeks)

  • Ned takes the twins and Alice to Catalina Island
  • John Marin escapes prison, stalks girls
  • John Marin dies in boating accident

117: Jessica the Genius (8-10 weeks)

  • SVH goes SAT crazy
  • Liz bombs her first test while Jessica aces it, then they switch
  • Jessica gets accused of cheating, gets put on trial

118. College Weekend (3 days)

  • Jessica throws a party at Steven and Billie’s apartment
  • Billie & Steven have terrible B&B experience
  • Jessica meets Zach Marsden

119. Jessica’s Older Guy (4 days)

  • Twins decide to stay in college but get convinced otherwise
  • Liz gets internship and quits it
  • Jessica breaks it off with Zach, still loves Ken
  • Fraternity dance!

Return of the Evil Twin (3 weeks)

  • Christmastime again!
  • Margo and Nora are identical twins and both are alive!
  • Attempted murder, actual murder, blah blah blah

120. In Love with the Enemy (8-10 days)

  • Big football game against Palisades
  • Rival gang action
  • Jessica starts seeing Christian Gorman in secret

121. The High School War (1 week)

  • Big fight at a warehouse
  • Todd throws a party
  • Jessica and Christian are found out!

122. A Kiss Before Dying (3 weeks)

  • Big fight at Bruce Patman’s
  • Christian DIES

SE: Falling for Lucas (1 week)

  • Spring break
  • Ski trip to Colorado
  • Jessica and Lila fight over a dude
  • Avalanche!

123. Elizabeth’s Rival (1 week)

  • Summer vacation again!
  • Camp counselors
  • Lila meets Bo, falls in love
  • Jessica meets Paul, falls in love
  • Liz meets Joey, falls in love
  • “Return” of Maria Slater

124. Meet Me at Midnight (2 weeks)

  • Camp production of Liz’s play
  • Lots of making out
  • Liz and Nicole have rivalry

125. Camp Killer (1 week)

  • Camp color war contest
  • Ax murderer kidnaps Jessica
  • Liz and co. saves the day

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