Books 1-25

1. Double Love (3 weeks-1 month)
Significant events:

  • Twins inducted into Pi Beta Alpha
  • Jessica goes out with Rick Andover; gets escorted home by police
  • Jessica goes out with Todd Wilkins; falsely accuses him of attempted date rape
  • Pi Epsilon Sweetheart Dance
  • Rick Andover kidnaps Jessica and Liz; Todd chases them in a car; punches Rick Andover
  • Liz and Todd end up together
  • Jessica is pushed into the school’s pool

2. Secrets (2 weeks)
Significant Events:

  • Enid confesses her sordid past
  • Jessica acts like a sociopath
  • Ronnie and Enid Break up; Enid starts dating George Warren
  • Lila throws a party
  • SVH throws a dance
  • Jessica is crowned Fall Queen

3. Playing With Fire (1-2 months)

  • Jessica wins a dance contest
  • Ken Matthews throws a party
  • Jessica starts dating Bruce Patman
  • The Droids almost make it to the big time
  • Bruce throws a birthday party for himself
  • Jessica catches Bruce cheating on her and dumps him

4. Power Play (3-4 months)

  • Robin Wilson is fat and wants to join Pi Beta Alpha
  • Discomarathon!
  • Robin Wilson gets blackballed from PBA; humiliated, starts to lose ridiculous amounts of weight
  • Lila shoplifts, gets caught, faints
  • Robin Wilson becomes co-captain of cheerleading squad
  • Robin Wilson beats out Jessica as Miss Sweet Valley High, starts dating Allen Walters

5. All Night Long (1 week)

  • Jessica dates Scott Daniels
  • Liz pretends to be Jessica; takes tour guide test for her
  • Liz and Todd fight, make up

6. Dangerous Love (1 week)

  • Todd buys a motorcycle
  • The Dairi Burger has a grand re-opening
  • Enid has a Sweet 16 party
  • Liz and Todd crash on motorcycle
  • Liz winds up in a coma

7. Dear Sister (9 weeks)

  • Liz wakes up from coma
  • Liz and Jess throw a pool party
  • Liz acts like Jessica, breaks up with Todd, cheats at school, gets kicked off the Oracle
  • Lila throws a pick-up party
  • Liz dates Bruce Patman, almost gets date-raped
  • Liz hits her head and reverts to pearl-clutching Liz, gets back together with Todd
  • Jessica fools Bill Chase into thinking she’s Elizabeth

8. Heartbreaker (3 weeks)

  • Jessica and Bill Chase star in Splendor in the Grass
  • Jessica flirts with Bill but goes out with Tom McKay
  • Elizabeth and Todd almost break up over Patsy Webber
  • Jessica throws a pool party
  • Lila throws a cast party
  • DeeDee and Bill start dating

9. Racing Hearts (1-2 weeks)

  • There’s a big race, which Roger wins
  • Jessica gets a job at Ned’s law office
  • Jessica dates Dennis Creighton in secret, breaks up with him
  • Jessica quits job
  • Roger Barett begins dating Olivia after dissing Lila

10. Wrong Kind of Girl (2 weeks)

  • There’s a beach party and a dance
  • SVH cheerleaders are holding tryouts
  • Annie Whitman gets blackballed during cheerleading votes
  • Annie Whitman attempts suicide
  • Annie Whitman, Cara Walker, and Sandra Bacon become SVH cheerleaders
  • Annie Whitman and Ricky Capaldo start dating

11. Too Good to be True (3 weeks)

  • Twins have 2-week spring break
  • Suzanne Devlin arrives in Sweet Valley; Jessica goes to NYC
  • Suzanne Devlin fake almost-drowns, falsely accuses Mr. Collins of attempted rape
  • Jessica gets for-real almost raped by Pete McCafferty
  • Lila throws a huge birthday party

12. When Love Dies (4 weeks)

  • Tricia and Steven break up, get back together
  • Steven dates Cara Walker, ditches that shit
  • Liz and Jess volunteer at Fowler Memorial Hospital as candy stripers
  • Jessica has a brush with fame with Jeremy Frank on his show
  • Tricia has leukemia!
  • Elizabeth gets kidnapped by Carl the orderly

13. Kidnapped! (1 week)

  • Regina Morrow throws a party at her mansion; Jessica flirts with Nicholas Morrow
  • Todd pushes Jessica into the pool
  • Elizabeth’s disappearance is discovered, people search for her
  • Max Dellon is arrested, released
  • Carl the crazy orderly thinks Jessica is Elizabeth and gives himself up
  • Elizabeth is saved!
  • The twins throw a party

14. Deceptions (1 week)

  • Nicholas Morrow is in love with Liz, asks her out
  • Jessica is in love with Nicholas Morrow; uses Randy Mason for computer information (and change math grade)
  • Liz goes out with Nicholas; Todd sees them
  • Todd wins championship SVH-Big Mesa basketball game
  • Cara throws a party

15. Promises (1 week)

  • Tricia Marin DIES
  • Betsy Martin (temporarily) moves in with the Wakefields
  • Betsy Martin takes an art class, gets a scholarship to L.A. school for art, likes Jason Stone
  • There is another dance
  • Roger Barrett is revealed to be a Patman after his mother DIES

16. Rags to Riches (2 weeks)

  • Roger Barrett (Patman) moves into Bruce Patman’s house
  • The Patmans throw a dance/party for Roger
  • Olivia and Roger break up, get back together
  • Regina Morrow becomes a cover model

17. Love Letters (2 weeks)

  • Caroline Pierce is so lonely she invents a boyfriend and sends herself love letters
  • Elizabeth writes a play about Elizabeth Barrett Browning and wins a contest
  • Lila throws a party for Caroline’s fake boyfriend
  • Caroline comes clean about the lies and dates Jerry Fisher
  • The Wakefields almost move to San Francisco but don’t

18. Head Over Heels (4 weeks)

  • Bruce Patman and Regina are totally in love
  • Regina can be cured of her deafness if she moves to Switzerland, and after she thinks Bruce is lying to her, she does
  • Jessica and Lila bet about when Bruce and Regina will break up; Lila has to write Jess’s term paper (she gets a D)
  • Bruce writes Regina a love letter and she cries a lot

19. Showdown (2 weeks)

  • Lila throws a party
  • Jessica and Lila date Jack Howard
  • Jessica discovers that Jack is a drug-addled psychopath, gets held at knife point until Nicholas Morrow and Liz save the day
  • Penny Ayala’s sister Tina joins the Oracle staff as a photographer

20. Crash Landing! (4 weeks)

  • Enid and George’s plane crashes in Secca Lake
  • Enid becomes paralyzed saving George, has an operation but has a mental block about walking
  • George is in love with Robin Wilson but stays with Enid out of guilt
  • The school has another dance
  • Jessica takes a cooking class
  • Enid walks after saving Teddy from fake-drowning in a pool
  • Enid and George break up

21. Runaway (1 week)

  • Jessica is fed up with her family and not being understood
  • Jessica meets Nicky Shepard, who asks her to run away with him
  • Someone throws a party
  • Jessica almost runs away
  • Elizabeth writes for the local paper

Super Edition: Perfect Summer (4 weeks)

  • Summer vacation
  • Elizabeth and Jessica go on a bike trip up the coast
  • Todd and Liz break up, get back together
  • Jessica dates Robbie October
  • Jessica nearly gets eaten by a bear
  • Nora Dalton almost drowns, Mr. Collins saves her, they get back together
  • The team puts out a forest fire

22. Too Much In Love (2 weeks)

  • DeeDee and Bill break up, get back together
  • SVH hosts a talent show
  • Jessica throws a disastrous party
  • Ned and Alice vacation in Mexico
  • Bill Chase wins swim meet

23. Say Goodbye (5 weeks)

  • Todd moves away to Burlington, Vermont
  • Lila throws a party to celebrate spring
  • Nicholas Morrow wins a sailboat race, tries to win Elizabeth’s heart (again)
  • Jessica gets a job at Perfect Match Computer Dating Service, quits job
  • Steven likes Cara but is scared about forgetting Tricia

24. Memories (1 week)

  • SVH wins a charity volleyball tournament against Big Mesa
  • There’s a dance
  • Cara and Steven start and stop dating multiple times; Steven angsts over the memory of Tricia Martin
  • Jessica goes after a movie-director relative through Winston Egbert
  • Liz crushes on a guy who looks like Todd, but he turns out to be a jerkface

SE: Special Christmas (3 weeks)

  • SVH is out on Christmas Break
  • Suzanne Devlin comes to visit (again)
  • Suzanne has a mysterious illness that turns out to be mono
  • Todd and Suzanne like each other, Liz and Todd break up for real
  • There’s a party, and a dance

25. Nowhere to Run (3 weeks)

  • Grandma and Grandpa Wakefield are in town to visit the family
  • Emily Mayer’s having problems at home with her new stepmom
  • Emily Mayer runs away like 4 times, but everything is resolved

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