Books 26-50

26. Hostage! (1 week)

  • Regina Morrow is being held hostage in her home by disgruntled former employees of her father’s
  • Her parents are being held in a house nearby
  • Jessica, Elizabeth, and Bruce save the Morrows with the help of Nicholas
  • There’s a lot of action that happens “at gunpoint”
  • The Morrows throw a party in celebration of being saved

27. Lovestruck (2 weeks)

  • Ken Matthews is failing English and has to write a short story but just uses Elizabeth’s example instead
  • Ken Matthews comes clean, publishes his real story in the school paper
  • SVH wins the Centennial Football game against Paliasades High.
  • Jessica organizes the Sweet Valley High Centennial Student Picnic
  • Ken dates Suzanne Hanlon and then breaks up with her.

SE: Spring Break (1 week)

  • Elizabeth and Jessica go to Cannes, France for spring break
  • Rene Glize and Jean-Claude are introduced; Jessica falls in love
  • There’s a boating accident and near-death drowning incident
  • There’s a twin-switch
  • Rene’s sister Ferney, who is staying with the Wakefields, looks just like Tricia Martin and causes problems for Steve and Cara

28. Alone in the Crowd (2 weeks)

  • Lynne Henry is clinically depressed, has no friends
  • The Droids hold a contest to discover a great new song
  • Lynne submits a great new song anonymously, wins the love of Guy Chesney
  • Jessica organizes a Rocking Chair Relay to raise money for cheerleading uniforms

29. Bitter Rivals (3 weeks)

  • Amy Sutton moves back to Sweet Valley, causes tension between Elizabeth and Enid
  • Lila throws a party for her cousin Christopher, who likes Enid
  • Jessica writes an advice column for paper, tries to break up and date Jay McGuire

Super Edition #4: Malibu Summer (4 weeks? 1 summer)

  • Elizabeth, Jessica, and Lila get jobs as mother’s helpers in Malibu
  • Jessica falls in love with Cliff Sherman (who throws a party)
  • Elizabeth falls in love with Jamie Gailbraith (aka popstar Tony Sargent)
  • Lila falls in love with younger man Ben Horgan
  • Jessica saves Taryn Bennett from collapsing bridge
  • Elizabeth saves Jamie/Tony from psycho Frankie LaSalle with vase

30. Jealous Lies (2 weeks)

  • Sandra Bacon doesn’t want her best friend to pledge PBA and tries to sabotage her
  • Cara Walker throws a party
  • Jean West and Tom McKay start dating
  • SVH has a Friday the 13th dance
  • Steven Wakefield almost drops out of college, but doesn’t

31. Taking Sides (2 weeks)

  • Cousin Jenny Townsend comes to visit
  • Jeffrey French moves to SV, is pursued by Enid and Lila
  • Lila throws a pool party
  • Jessica is obsessed with Eddie Winters, who is obsessed with Cousin Jenny
  • SVH holds a food drive and auction as well as beach party
  • Liz and Jeffrey begin dating

32. The New Jessica(4 weeks)

  • Jessica undergoes a transformation, dyeing her hair black and speaking with a vague accent
  • Liz cries, accuses Jeffrey of wanting Jessica
  • Liz loses her diary; it’s found by Penny Ayala
  • Jessica goes back to old look after being rejected by modeling agency
  • Jess and Liz participate in fashion show

Super Edition #5: Winter Carnival (2 weeks)

  • There’s a huge winter carnival being held, and all of SVH is soooo excited
  • Jessica goes on a disastrous date with David Campbell
  • Liz and Jeffrey fight, Liz and Jeffrey make up
  • Liz dreams that Jessica dies, but it’s not real
  • Jessica and Amy win a trivia contest

33. Starting Over (1 week)

  • Sally Larson moves to Sweet Valley, gets adopted by the Larsons
  • Jessica and Elizabeth get a puppy, lose a puppy, get same puppy back

34. Forbidden Love (2 weeks)

  • Maria Santelli and Michael Harris are dating, but their parents hate each other, so they get engaged
  • The gang participates in a social studies marriage project
  • Lila throws Maria and Michael a surprise engagement party at which they BREAK UP
  • Maria KISSES Winston Egbert
  • Winston Egbert runs for (and wins) student council representative for the PTA

35. Out of Control (2 weeks)

  • Aaron Dallas is dating Heather Sanford
  • Aaron Dallas has anger issues, punches teammate and Jeffrey
  • Soccer team wins game against Big Mesa
  • Jessica sells Tofu-Glo

Super Edition #6: Spring Fever (2 weeks)

  • The twins go to Walkersville, Kansas for spring break
  • The twins meet “identical” twins Alex and Brad Parker; Jessica falls in love with Alex
  • Jessica saves Annie Sue Sawyer from certain death on horse

36. Last Chance (4 weeks)

  • Amy Sutton is dating Peter DeHaven, who’s sort of into drop-out/drop-in Johanna Porter
  • There is a PTA dance
  • Amy throws a party
  • Johanna is a secret science genius
  • Jessica tries to break Cara and Steven up, fails

37. Rumors (2 weeks)

  • Susan Stewart’s unknown parentage causes problems until her father is revealed to be filmmaker Jackson Croft
  • Jessica, Liz, and Steven think Alice Wakefield is PREGNANT but she isn’t
  • The Bridgewater Ball is held

38. Leaving Home (1 week)

  • Liz is applying to boarding school in Switzerland and must undergo a rigorous application process
  • Steve and Jessica sabotage her chances
  • Enid and Jeffrey make her a scrapbook; she assumes they’re seeing each other
  • Winston Egbert throws a party
  • Winston Egbert wins the lottery with someone else’s ticket, returns to rightful owner

39. Secret Admirer (2 weeks)

  • The Oracle runs personal ads, Jessica, Lila, and Penny Ayala place some
  • Jessica dates some disasters
  • Sweet Valley High has a Forties Fling Dance
  • Penny Ayala and Neil Freemount begin dating

40. On the Edge (2 weeks)

  • The Wakefield twins throw a barbeque party
  • Bruce Patman cheats on Regina Morrow with Amy Sutton; she breaks up with him
  • Regina starts hanging out with Justin Belson and a bad crowd
  • Regina goes to a party at Molly Hecht’s; tries cocaine
  • Regina Morrow DIES

41. Outcast (2 weeks)

  • Everyone hates Molly Hecht
  • Molly Hecht almost runs away with Buzz
  • Justin Belson and Elizabeth save the day

Super Thriller #1: Double Jeopardy (5 weeks)

  • Summer vacation AGAIN
  • The twins are interns at the Sweet Valley News
  • Jessica witnesses a murder (or close enough)
  • Adam Maitland moves in with family, gets arrested
  • Laurie DIES
  • Jessica and Elizabeth face off with Tom Winslow, murderer

42. Caught in the Middle (2 weeks)

  • Sandra Bacon and Manuel Lopez are secretly dating because her parents are racists
  • Sandra’s boat explodes with Liz and Manuel on it
  • Sandra comes clean to her parents, everyone is mostly okay
  • Jessica throws a surprise birthday party for Lila Fowler

43. Hard Choices (3 weeks)

  • Enid’s grandmother comes to live with her and her mom, causes shenanigans
  • Elizabeth enters a documentary contest hosted by Jackson Croft
  • Documentary premiere party at Wakefield house
  • Enid’s grandmother moves back to Chicago.  Hooray!
  • Enid’s mom gets engaged.  I think.

44. Pretenses (3 weeks)

  • Cara Walker throws herself a belated birthday party, doesn’t invite Abbie Richardson
  • Steven Wakefield comes home for a while to get allergy tests
  • The Oracle holds a contest for a comedy feature, Abbie Richardson wins
  • Steven receives mysterious love letters that turn out to be from Cara

45. Family Secrets (2 weeks)

  • Kelly Bates comes to stay with the Wakefields
  • There’s a costume party at the country club
  • Kelly dates Kirk Anderson, kicks him in the shin
  • Kelly goes home to live with her mom in Arizona

Super Thriller #2: On the Run (3 weeks)

  • The twins are still interns at Sweet Valley News
  • Elizabeth meets and falls in love with Eric Hankman/Michael Ryan, cheats on Jeffrey
  • Eric and his father are in the witness protection program, on the run from murderer Frank DeLucca
  • Eric and his father get cover blown, have to leave town

46. Decisions (2 weeks)

  • Robin Wilson got into Sarah Lawrence, doesn’t want to go
  • Robin Wilson wins diving competition
  • Jessica babysits for Kane family, wants to date Alex Kane, loses interest
  • Elizabeth starts playing the recorder

47. Troublemaker (2 weeks)

  • Elizabeth takes recorder lessons from Julie Porter
  • Jessica tries out for another school play that requires ballet
  • Julie Porter dates Bruce Patman & Josh Bowen
  • Phi Epsilon throws a party

48. Slam Book Fever (2 weeks)

  • Olivia Davidson and Roger Barrett Patman break up
  • Amy Sutton introduces slam books to SVH, hilarity ensues
  • Lila tries to break up Jeffrey and Elizabeth
  • Jessica falls in love with A.J. Morgan
  • There’s a party (kind of) for the new literary magazine

49. Playing for Keeps (4 weeks)

  • Jessica writes poetry for A.J. Morgan
  • A.J. is almost seduced by Pamela Janson
  • Jessica wins a fashion show competition at Lisette’s

50. Out of Reach (3 weeks)

  • SVH is holding a variety show to raise money for a dance program
  • Jade Wu gets the lead in the variety show
  • Elizabeth is the student director
  • Ned Wakefield has a mid-life crisis
  • Everyone goes to the beach disco

Super Thriller #3: No Place to Hide (4 weeks?)

  • The twins are still working as newspaper interns
  • There’s a big mayoral race coming up
  • Nicholas Morrow falls in love with Barbara the ghost girl
  • Teens are in peril!

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