Books 51-75

51. Against the Odds (1 week)

  • SVH has a big soccer game against Big Mesa
  • Ronnie Edwards gets in trouble with his bookie
  • Jessica starts a jewelry design company
  • Elizabeth and Ronnie get kidnapped, escape
  • SVH wins the big game!

52. White Lies (3 weeks)

  • Jennifer Mitchell is dating Rick Andover & plans to run away to NY with him
  • John Pfeiffer is in love with Jennifer Mitchell
  • Rick Andover is arrested
  • Jennifer Mitchell’s father has bypass surgery
  • Jennifer and John start dating?
  • SVH begins a chapter of Big Sisters

53. Second Chance (3 weeks)

  • Kristin Thompson competes in the Avery Cup tennis match
  • Big Sisters continues its good deeds at SVH
  • Kristin Thompson dates Bruce Patman, dumps Bruce Patman

54. Two-Boy Weekend (3 weeks)

  • Jessica dates Christopher while A.J. is out of town
  • Christopher stalks Jessica
  • Jessica and A.J. are crowned the Citizen’s Day Ball King and Queen
  • Elizabeth is mistakenly kidnapped by Christopher
  • Jeffrey fights Christopher
  • Jessica and A.J. break up

55. Perfect Shot (4 weeks)

  • Shelley Novak is the star basketball player, takes the team all the way or whatever
  • Varsity Dance
  • Ballroom dance class at SVH, Amy, Lila, and Jessica take it

56. Lost At Sea (1 week)

  • Field trip to Anacapa Island!
  • Jessica and Winston get stranded on a deserted island after a terrible ocean storm.
  • They are saved.  Don’t worry.

57. Teacher Crush (2 weeks)

  • SVH offers students mini-courses
  • Olivia Davidson falls in love with her teacher
  • Art gallery showing
  • Olivia Davidson has a birthday party

Super Thriller #4: Deadly Summer (3 weeks?)

  • The twins are still working as newspaper interns
  • Lila & Jess play Oujia board trick on Liz
  • Bruce Patman fake almost-dies from mysterious illness
  • Psychopath kidnaps Liz, sets off a bomb

58. Brokenhearted (2 weeks)

  • Todd Wilkins moves back to Sweet Valley
  • Winston throws a party
  • Todd throws a party
  • Jessica dates and dumps Sheffield Eastman
  • Liz and Jeffrey break up
  • Liz and Todd get back together

59. In Love Again (3 weeks)

  • Liz and Todd break up; get back together
  • Mini-Olympics held for competing schools
  • Sweet Valley wins!
  • Todd transfers back to Sweet Valley High

60. That Fatal Night (1-2 months)

  • Amy throws a party
  • Ken has a car accident
  • Ken goes temporarily blind
  • Ken gets his sight back, dates Terri Adams

Super Star: Lila’s Story (2 months?)

  • Lila’s dad starts dating a money-grubbing lying liar
  • An almost-wedding; Lila saves the day
  • Several parties
  • Lila dates some dude, dumps some dude

61. Boy Trouble (3 weeks)

  • Patty Gilbert has issues with her sister and boyfriend
  • Her sister gets  married
  • Jessica tries to start a T-Shirt business

62. Who’s Who? (3 weeks)

  • Jessica joins computer dating service, creates alter-egos
  • Liz worries she’s boring, gets a temporary perm
  • Valentine’s Day Dance
  • Elizabeth gets a perm

63. The New Elizabeth (1 month)

  • Elizabeth takes surfing lessons
  • Moon Beach Surfing Competition (Liz loses on purpose)

64. The Ghost of Tricia Martin (3 weeks)

  • Steven dates Andrea who is Tricia’s doppelganger
  • Steven takes up hang gliding, crashes, ends up in coma-like state kind of?

65. Trouble at Home (1 month)

  • Ned takes on case for Santelli for Mayor, case is thrown out
  • Alice’s firm gets mall expansion bid
  • Family vacations in Lake Tahoe
  • Ned and Alice fight a lot
  • Jessica wracks up huge charges on Teen Party Line, is catfished

Super Star: Bruce’s Story (6 weeks)

  • Bruce and Roger’s grandpa comes to visit
  • 70th birthday party
  • Celebration Contest Party
  • Harbor Days festival
  • Bruce dates Tracy Atkins
  • Bruce and Roger compete over money; learn valuable lesson
  • Bruce “publishes” The Bruce Patman Guide to Dating

66. Who’s to Blame? (3-4 weeks)

  • Elizabeth angsts about her parents separation
  • Jessica sets Alice up with Mr. Collins
  • Ned continues to run for mayor of Sweet Valley
  • Liz almost runs away but doesn’t
  • Liz and Todd break up and get back together
  • Jessica continues to be catfished by Charlie

67. The Parent Plot (3 weeks)

  • Alice and Mr. Collins go on a date
  • Elizabeth and Jessica volunteer on Ned’s campaign
  • Elizabeth and Maria Santelli discover corruption, clear Mr. Santelli’s name
  • Ned withdraws from mayoral race; Mr. Santelli wins!

68. The Love Bet (3 weeks)

  • Dana Larson and Aaron Dallas start dating
  • Patty Gilbert throws a party
  • Liz and Todd make a stupid bed, fight, break up
  • Liz and Todd get back together
  • Battle of the Bands! Droids win, duh!

69. Friend Against Friend (2 weeks)

  • Arbitrary contest alert: Andy Jenkins wins a scholarship for marine biology
  • Racial hate crimes on campus; Andy is jumped by a gang of angry white dudes
  • Neil and Andy have a friend breakup after Neil joins in the racial beating
  • Anonymous poll at SVH about what changes they’d like to see

70. Ms. Quarterback (2-3 weeks)

  • Football try-outs
  • Claire Middleton for quarterback!

Super Star: Enid’s Story (2 weeks)

  • Christmastime again!
  • Enid’s father comes to visit, is a terrible drunk
  • Enid goes back to her drugging ways, gets in a fiery car wreck, ends up in hospital
  • Enid and Jeffrey start dating?

71. Starring Jessica! (3 weeks)

  • Eric Parker, famous person, comes to Sweet Valley
  • Arbitrary contest to interview a teen
  • Jessica wins! but gets tricked by Lila!
  • Elizabeth volunteers at Secca Lake as a nature counselor or something

72. Rock Star’s Girl (3-4 weeks)

  • Andrea Slade moves to Sweet Valley
  • Andrea Slade starts dating Nicholas Morrow
  • Rock Star Jamie Peters moves to Sweet Valley, is Andrea’s dad

73. Regina’s Legacy (2 weeks)

  • Photography club exists, Liz joins
  • Liz takes a weird photo, gets shady criminals on her tail
  • Jessica goes out with Chad, who is a shady criminal
  • Twin switch!

74. The Perfect Girl (4-5 weeks)

  • Robin Wilson worries about her boyfriend George cheating on her with his new flight class partner
  • Robin Wilson loses a bunch of weight, again!
  • Robin is diagnosed with Anorexia
  • Arbitrary contest alert: World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae as charity event

75. Amy’s True Love (2 weeks)

  • Amy is totally boy crazy and goes after Tom McKay seconds after he breaks up with Jean West
  • Enid’s cousin Jake Farrell visits and is totally gay
  • Project Youth becomes a thing where Amy volunteers
  • Amy and Barry Rork start dating

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