Books 76-100

76. Miss Teen Sweet Valley (3 weeks)

  • Beauty pageant held at Sweet Valley High
  • Liz and Jessica at odds!
  • Twin Switch!
  • Jessica and Frazer McConnell start dating

77. Cheating to Win (8 weeks)

  • Tony Esteban injures himself in track meet
  • Hospital stay!
  • Tony Esteban takes steroids to improve his running
  • Giant Important Track Meet

Saga 1: The Wakefields of Sweet Valley (generations)

  • Follows Alice Wakefield (nee Robertson) ancestors
  • Sweden to Minnesota to California, oh my!

78. The Dating Game (2-3 weeks)

  • Love in Bloom dance at SVH
  • Scott Trost asks out Jean West and Claire Middleton
  • Some sort of arbitrary contest
  • Jessica tries to work as dream interpreter

79. The Long-Lost Brother (4 weeks)

  • Sara Eastman’s brother comes back to town
  • Crunch McAllister’s van is stolen
  • Someone throws a party

 80. The Girl They Both Loved (2-3 weeks)

  • Jessica meets Sam Woodruff
  • Several dirt bike relay races
  • At least one car crash/accident
  • Rivalry between Michael Harris and Artie Western
  • Elizabeth and Todd make a sexist bet

Super Star – Olivia’s Story (1 month)

  • Christmas vacation again!
  • Olivia takes special art classes
  • Jessica and Elizabeth get jobs in a department store

81. Rosa’s Lie (4-5 weeks)

  • New girl Rosa Jamirez comes to Sweet Valley and pledges Pi Beta Alpha
  • Several parties are thrown
  • Rosa learns a lesson about her heritage after her grandmother visits
  • Rosa helps save a little girl trapped in a well (seriously)

82. Kidnapped by the Cult! (4-5 weeks)

  • Jessica gets totally taken with the Good Friends cult
  • SVH starts a bowling team
  • Jessica almost runs away with cult, Liz saves her just in time

83. Steven’s Bride (3-4 weeks)

  • Cara Walker and her mom are moving to London
  • Cara and Steven decide to elope in Las Vegas
  • They don’t.
  • Going-away parties, bridal parties abound

84. The Stolen Diary (2 weeks)

  • Elizabeth pity dates Kris Lynch, who is a creep
  • Kris reads her diary and spreads rumors about her
  • Liz and Todd break up, get back together
  • School dance

85. Soap Star (3 weeks)

  • Twins win an audition to guest star on soap opera
  • Jessica sort of dates famous person Brandon Hunter
  • Liz writes articles for the LA Times
  • Twins buy a Jeep!

Sweet Valley Saga #2: The Wakefield Legacy: The Untold Story (several generations)

  • Follows the paternal ancestors of Jessica and Elizabeth

86. Jessica Against Bruce (2-3 weeks)

  • Bruce starts Club X, is a sexist piece of shit
  • Jessica pledges the club and does a bunch of dangerous dares
  • The International Federation of Teachers comes to Sweet Valley

Super Star – Todd’s Story (3 weeks)

  • Summer vacation AGAIN
  • Everyone is working at Secca Lake as camp counselors
  • Todd deals with crazy Kevin from when he was in Vermont
  • Todd and Liz break up AGAIN
  • Liz almost dies at the hands of Kevin, is saved by Todd

87. My Best Friend’s Boyfriend (4 weeks)

  • Ginny gets a job at Project Youth
  • Liz writes an article about sexual harassment and is CENSORED by the school.

88. Love Letters for Sale (3-4 weeks)

  • Liz and Jess start a letter-writing business
  • Liz and Todd break up, AGAIN
  • Todd goes out with Shelley Novak like once
  • Liz and Todd get back together

89. Elizabeth Betrayed (3 weeks)

  • While Penny is in D.C., Liz takes over as Oracle editor
  • She writes a paper on art with the help of Rod, then gets accused of plagiarism
  • She’s kicked off the paper, temporarily
  • Olivia and Rod break up
  • Jessica gets into being brutally honest with people.

Super Thriller #5: Murder on the Line (2 weeks)

  • The twins are either still working at the Sweet Valley News or are working there again
  • It is summer
  • Jessica overhears a murder being plotted, and their lives are endangered

90. Don’t Go Home With John (3 weeks)

  • Lila Fowler and John Pfeifer go out, he tries to rape her
  • Lila throws a costume party
  • Lila and another girl confront John after he’s spread rumors about her
  • Lila enters counseling for the assault.
  • Jessica worries about going too far with Sam

91. In Love with a Prince (3 weeks)

  • Prince Arthur comes to visit in secret search for a wife
  • He and Dana Larson date, and get secretly kind-of engaged?
  • They break up, he leaves

92. She’s Not What She Seems (5 weeks)

  • SVH holds auditions for Macbeth
  • Jessica nabs the lead, but new girl Paula Perrine has her eye on it
  • Paula sabotages Jessica, performs opening night
  • Jessica gets revenge
  • Cast party thrown by Lila

93. Stepsisters (4 weeks)

  • Annie Whitman’s mother gets engaged to a man named Walter Thomas
  • Annie and family move into the house next door to the Wakefields
  • Annie worries she’s racist (she is)
  • Annie and Cheryl become stepsisters!
  • Annie and Tony Esteban get back together.

94. Are We in Love? (3-4 weeks)

  • Cheryl Thomas and Steven Wakefield date to prove a point to people
  • Cheryl and Annie’s parents get married
  • Beach disco/party at Lila’s

Magna Edition #3: A Night to Remember (3-4 weeks)

  • Elizabeth and Jessica plan a Jungle-themed prom
  • The twins compete to be prom queen
  • Jessica spikes Elizabeth’s drink, she and Sam get HAMMERED and drive off together
  • Jessica is crowned prom queen
  • Elizabeth and Sam are in terrible car accident, Sam DIES
  • Lila accuses her counselor of trying to rape her at dance

95. The Morning After (3 weeks)

  • Deals with the aftermath of the dance
  • Bruce tracks down Pamela Robertson, thinks she’s a slut
  • Lila deals with the accusations she made about Nathan
  • Liz and Jess cry a lot

96. The Arrest (1-2 weeks)

  • Elizabeth is arrested and questioned about the death of Sam
  • Jessica continues to be a psychopath
  • Lila’s mother arrives in Sweet Valley

97. The Verdict (2 weeks)

  • Elizabeth goes on trial for Sam’s death
  • Jessica continues to date Todd
  • Lila spends time with her mother
  • Bruce and Pamela finally get together
  • Margo arrives in Sweet Valley

98. The Wedding (5-6 weeks)

  • Grace and George Fowler throw a huge wedding in their back yard
  • Jessica plans a dirt bike rally in Sam’s memory
  • Margo arrives in Sweet Valley and hires James to spy on Jessica

99. Beware the Baby-Sitter (2-3 weeks)

  • Margo gets a job in a daycare in Sweet Valley
  • Winston gets saddled with a neighbor’s baby while his parents are out of town
  • Elizabeth and Todd get back together

100. The Evil Twin (1 week)

  • Margo tries to kill everyone
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve
  • Lila throws a party
  • Alice and Ned go to San Francisco
  • Margo DIES
  • James DIES

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